• BIC SURF 9'0
  • BIC SURF 9'0
  • BIC SURF 9'0
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BIC Sport 9'0 Classic Surfboard is the icon among surfboards. It handles small and pumping swells with exactly the same elegance and offers both beginners and experienced surfers endless possibilities. The classic Hang Five maneuver is invented on a long board, small and large tubes, or the classic roundhouse cutback is handled just a little bit more elegantly on a true long board.

Beginners appreciate the volume of the board and easy access to the waves, and experienced surfers love the way the board makes difficult maneuvers elegant.

9'0 Classic Longboard is the easiest way to start your surfing career, and the board you get to make your most unforgettable maneuver on !!!

At the same time, the technology behind the construction is the most suitable for the sport of surfing. A light flamingo core, composite and carbon fiber and finally a thin layer of ABS plastic to protect the board. The result is the lightest, stiffest and at the same time most durable construction on & aring; the market.

Length 9'0 / 276cm

width 22.25 / 57cm

thickness 2.75 '' / 7cm

weight 7.10kg, volume 66L

fins FCS 8 '' + FCS twinster